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Ana Sayfa Hakkımızda Kalite Yönetimi Kalsit (CaCo3) Calcite Ambalaj Çeşitleri Ürünler Sektörler İletişim
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What is Calcite ?

Calcite is kind of an industrial mineral which forms schist of carbonate in it and with the chemical formula CaCO3. Mineral which can be crystallized in different shapes is vitreous and in colourless transparent form. Once it is grinded, it turns into a white powder which is also called “limestone.”

Calcite and derivatives are harmless for human health with it’s mineral form and also important mineral for environment protection. In many countries it is being used for enriching soil and for decreasing acitidy of dirty lakes. Because of not having any chemical progress while grinding, calcite and dolamite are also fine minerals for nature.

Many industry companies which need both micronized and granuled calcite increase it’s usage and become important materials for industry.CaCO3 formulated calcite is white and kind of a mineral that lows the cost of product because of it’s low prices. It is being used by many industry sectors such as paint, paper, plastic, building ect. With the help of it’s preferable feature ,it is being used in high amounts day bay day.

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